Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Clinicplex RX?

MTM Services:

The knowledge and skills possessed by local pharmacists, providing Face-to-Face MTM services, makes a vital difference in the lives of those who need more individualized attention to their medication therapy regimens. Our over-the-phone consultation uses revolutionary platform was built to facilitate effective communication with our patients to help them better manage their health and medication regimens.

Our team’s commitment and experience translate to our clients’ success:

Our pharmacists are clinically trained to perform the following cost saving functions:

  • Renal dosing
  • IV to oral dosing conversions
  • Antibiotic streamlining
  • ADR monitoring
  • Our pharmacists are HIPAA trained to be compliant.
  • Cliniplex Rx™ maintains a comprehensive insurance package for the protection of our clients and patients.
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How Our Clients Benefit?

Cliniplex Rx™ continues to succeed by providing our clients and patients with quality professionals and excellent, fast customer service.

Our comprehensive medication review ensures that all our patients' medication needs are addressed or referred to their appropriate providers for further evaluation.

Exceptional Competency and Professionalism

To ensure that our patients are getting the most competent pharmacists to address their medication therapy needs, Cliniplex Rx™ requires that all our pharmacists complete the following competencies:

  • HIPAA Security Training
  • Pharmaceutical Care Competencies (ASHP Competency programs):
  1. Confidentiality and Patient Rights
  2. Renal dosing
  3. Psychiatric Patients
  4. Obstetric Patients
  5. Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
  6. Neonatal and Infant Patients
  7. Geriatric Patients
  • ASHP Skills Assessment – General
  • ASHP Skills Assessment – Pharmacists