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MTM Services

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

As part of the drive for improved quality and greater cost control, major healthcare organizations have called on pharmacists for an increase in medication therapy management (MTM). MTM has multiple goals, from improving adherence to reducing medication waste and increasing safety of healthcare practices.

Did you know that an estimated 10-25% of hospital and nursing home admissions are caused by patients being unable to take medications as directed, and that this costs an estimated $290 billion per year?
2010 Benchmarks in improving medication adherence (2010, May). Healthcare Intelligence Network

Our MTM program is designed to help both physicians or clinics, and your patients by offering these benefits:

  • Benefits of MTM for Prescribers
    • More efficient patient care (i.e., the pharmacist as the medication expert can identify and resolve medication-related problems effectively)
    • More comprehensive patient follow-up
    • Improved continuity of care
    • Minimization of medication errors, adverse effects, and adverse drug-drug interactions
    • Increased adherence to therapy
    • Enhanced medication reconciliation
    • Reduced duplication of therapy (due to polypharmacy)
  • Safer and more effective medication use. We believe that educating patients on appropriate medication use can improve their adherence, help them reach and maintain their therapeutic goals and prevent medication errors. To ensure medication effectiveness, our pharmacists will conduct follow-up phone calls to monitor a patient’s symptoms and adherence with the medication regimen.
  • Selection of the most therapeutic and cost-effective medications. We offer patient counseling services that can assist in selecting the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate generic or brand name medications. If we find a medication that is more cost effective than the patient’s current medication, our pharmacists will consult you and receive your authorization before any medication changes occur.
  • Improved coordination of care. Many patients see multiple providers for various health conditions, which can lead to duplicate therapies or harmful medication interactions. As part of the medication review, we will provide patients with a personal medication list and a medication action plan that explains the safest and most effective use of their medications. We will instruct patients to bring these records to their visits with you and other prescribers to provide you with the patient’s full medication history.
  • Documentation of patient clinical situations. Our pharmacists carefully document all MTM services provided to eligible patients. We will contact you if a patient’s clinical situation requires your attention, and any changes made to a prescription medication will only be made with your prior authorization.

Why is medication therapy management needed?

Medication-related problems and medication mismanagement are a massive public health problem in the United States. Experts estimate that 1.5 million preventable adverse events occur each year that result in $177 billion in injury and death.

  • Do you have questions about your medications that no one has had time to answer for you?
  • Would you like to spend less money on your prescriptions?
  • Are you worried about potential drug interactions?
  • Do you think you might be experiencing side effects?
  • If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you will benefit from our MTM services

Why is medication therapy management provided?

Pharmacists provide medication therapy management services in all care settings in which patients take medications. While pharmacists in different settings may provide different types of medication therapy management services, the goal of all pharmacists providing medication therapy management is to make sure that the medication is right for the patient and his or her health conditions and that the best possible outcomes from treatment are achieved

Who can benefit from medication therapy management?

Anyone who uses prescription medications, non-prescription medications, herbals, or other dietary supplements may potentially benefit from medication therapy management services. People who may benefit the most include those who use several medications, those who have several health conditions, those who have questions or problems with their medications, those who are taking medications that require close monitoring, those who have been hospitalized, and those who obtain their medications from more than one pharmacy


How does MTM service differ from what doctors and pharmacists already do?

Your MTM consultation is a personalized medication review in which a pharmacist will spend up to 30 to 60 minutes reviewing your medications for:

  • Appropriateness: Why are you are taking it?
  • Effectiveness: Is it working for you?
  • Safety: Are you experiencing side effects or interactions?
  • As well as things like convenience (whether anything affects your ability to take it) and cost (if there are other appropriate, less-expensive alternatives). You will also have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any other concerns that you may have.

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