Remote Prescription Order Entry

Cliniplex Rx™ offers a comprehensive remote prescription order entry service called eProfile™. eProfile™ enables health care providers to maintain 24-hour pharmaceutical care for all of their patients, resulting in improved patient care while also achieving cost savings. eProfile™ works by connecting hospital pharmacies to a qualified and experienced pharmacist at Cliniplex Rx’s remotely located support center through a secure Internet connection during those hours that the hospital pharmacies are normally closed, or when they need extra staff to help with order entry.

With eProfile™, Cliniplex Rx™ pharmacists are able to immediately review the prescription orders and patient records, verify the accuracy of the orders and enter it into our clients’ medication order entry system remotely, to be dispensed and/or administered by the nursing staff at the hospitals.

Hospitals are under increasing pressure to provide quality pharmaceutical care and our eProfile™ provides numerous solutions and benefits:

  • It enhances medication safety by providing access to qualified pharmacists on a 24-hour basis.
  • Allows our clients to provide better patient care and better support for their physicians while being cost effective.
  • Pharmacy coverage and service are improved through the real-time availability of additional pharmacist support.
  • eProfile™ expands pharmacy staffing options by providing temporary outside staffing which can also help reduce costs.
  • The service enables hospital staff to focus on other critical functions, such as renal dosing, IV admixtures, and spend more time with patients.
  • With eProfile™, we are reducing transcription errors and the potential for negative drug interactions.

The Cliniplex Rx™ remote pharmacists spend a short amount of time to train and learn our clients’ policy and procedures, and their staff. We have constant interaction with daily feedback and regular reports. Please Contact us today to learn more about eProfile.

We Work With Many Systems

We know your system

Our pharmacists are proficient in using many health care or pharmacy systems. More often than not, we already know your system:

  • Epic
  • Worx
  • Seimens
  • Paragon
  • Cerner
  • and many more..


Translates to cost savings

Our proficiency in using so many systems translates to great cost savings for our clients. Our pharmacists spend less time learning your system and more time learning your policies and procedures. We become a part of your health care team in a matter of hours not days or weeks.